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2024 Wind Voices
New Series Coming Soon!

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We, the Turtle Island Grandmothers Council, invite you to join Grandmothers Circle The Earth 's "Wind Voices: Ancestral Teachings for Our Time". We have created this project for a reason.

Each of our Speakers is a Ceremony Keeper and Elder. They bring sweet Medicine in a cup to share, to help us live at the high-level Vibration of empathy, compassion, integrity and kindness and lift Humanity with our Love. Each message is delivered to us with the Love and Wisdom of their Ancestors - truly the Love of Thousands!! 

We are living in the prophesied time of choosing. Not all will make the same choice and yet no one is exempt. We invite you to join us in the Circle of Wind Voices and not be alone. Remember who you are!!! We are Family!!


If you would like to donate, we offer our PayPal for your convenience. 50% of donations go to our Speakers, 10% to our Tech Rodney, and 40% to our projects including the Stepping Stones Micro-loan for Youth Vendors!


 Our goal is to encourage these young girls 13-17 to believe in themselves with tangible proof of an exciting future built upon their own creativity!! Their Suncatchers and Jewelry will soon be available for purchase through their Facebook pages, and we'll list them here. 


Our Goal is to develop a template of this Project that we will send out free to Grandmothers all over the World to protect and strengthen our girls as they heal from bullying, isolation, sexual exploitation, low self-esteem and more. Thank you ~ We're walking each other, Home!




Previous Recordings: 

January 10th, Michael Bastine.

January 17th, Raina Ferris

January 24th, Glenn Aparicio Parry

January 31st, Eric Gonzales

February 7th, Susan Stanton

February 14th, Shakara Tosha

February 21st, Shahawin

February 28th, Ted Silverhand

March 7th, Grandmother Renee

March 14th, Tehahanteh

March 21st, Chiara Snowdancer

March 28th, Abraham Bearskin


We will update this list weekly, enjoy and be sure to give those YouTube videos a like and subscribe to the channel.


Keep posted for updated information regarding our Wind Voices Series 2024
Gathering Of Elders Video 

To Join, Send:
-Your name
-Name/number used on the call
-Email address 

will be zoom link sent to your email. 

We Invite You to Donate Today!

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